Those Who Served

FIRST WORLD WAR [1914 - 1918]

Allsop/p's who served in the Australian Armed Services during WWI and WWII

Allsop, Albert Edward2769HMS AustraliaAB
Allsop, Albert Knighton25451102nd Australian (howitzer) BatteryDriverMilitary Medal
Allsop, Alfred ErnestV53791
Allsop, Alphonsus Charles6781627th G.S. Reinforcements (n)Sergeant
Allsop, Arthur James578119th Australian Infantry BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Charles EdwardDepotAust Army Service Corp ReinforcementsPrivate
Allsop, Charles Henry28142nd Australian Pioneer BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Ernest Allen232918th Australian Infantry BattalionPrivateY
Allsop, Frederick William37153rd Australian Infantry BattalionPrivateY
Allsop, George Samuel48216th Battalion Flying Corp
Allsop, Ivan William35433rd Australian Infantry BattalionPrivateY
Allsop, James MasonAust Army Pay CorpsSergeant
Allsop, John4666534 Battalion RutherfordPrivate
Allsop, John1482Australian Naval And Military Expeditionary ForcePrivate
Allsop, John William533017/6th Infantry BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Leslie ThomasCapt10th Australian Field AmbulanceCaptainMilitary Cross
Allsop, Norman John35333rd Australian Infantry BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Reganold Percy301512th Australian Field Artillery BrigadePrivate
Allsop, RobertQ23531
Allsop, Robert Frederick281446th BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Samuel5058th Field Company, Australian EngineersLance Corporal
Allsop, Thomas Ernest50811th Australian Infantry BattalionCorporal
Allsop, Victor105783rd Australian Division Signals CompanyLance CorporalMilitary Medal
Allsop, Vincent James36035th Australian Infantry BattalionLance CorporalY
Allsop, Walter JamesC' Company Depot BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Wilfred Joseph Allen6777Aust Corps Signal CoySapper
Allsop, William Gillian3rd Australian Divisional ArtilleryLieutenant ColonelCompanion Of The Order Of St Michael And St George; Distinguishe
Allsop, William Henry63842nd Depot BattalionPrivate
Allsopp, Alfred768234th Australian Infantry BattalionPrivate
Allsopp, Arthur256912th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Arthur Henry228444th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Bertie Wallace [wallace Bertie]111442nd Australian Field Artillery Brigade
Allsopp, Cyrus Clarence202934th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Edward555027th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Eric362118th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Eric Arthur362118th Australian Infantry BattalionMilitary Medal
Allsopp, Frederick NormanRAN
Allsopp, Frederick ThomasRAN
Allsopp, Harry76422nd Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, JamesRAN
Allsopp, James19035 Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, John Leslie1380DMTC
Allsopp, John William105333rd Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Leslie John30063rd Australian Sanitary Section
Allsopp, Oswald2874th Australian Divisional Ammion Column
Allsopp, Richard5915th Australian Machine Gun Battalion
Allsopp, Stanley John4892nd Australian Division Signals CompanyMilitary Medal
Allsopp, Thomas PlimsollLieut7th Gs Reinforcements
Allsopp, Timothy William JohnN95124Depot
Allsopp, Tom375230th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, William186755th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, William Arthur StanleyN88508Depot
Allsopp, William Leslie30615th Australian Machine Gun BattalionMilitary Medal
Alsop, Albert488632nd Australian Infantry Battalion
Alsop, AlbertRAN
Alsop, Bernard Michael4000 502404th Australian Machine Gun Battalion
Alsop, Cedric Noel1325310th Australian Field Artillery BrigadeMilitary Medal
Alsop, Claude Lancelot6734616 to 27 (NSW) Reinforcements
Alsop, Donald Frederick GordonLieut13th Australian Infantry Battalion
Alsop, Ernest Albert George12348th Australian Infantry Battalion
Alsop, Fabian SelwynRAN
Alsop, Francis Charles19559th Australian Army Service Corps Company
Alsop, Frederick Benedict41117th Australian Machine Gun Company
Alsop, George Nicholson262350th Australian Infantry Battalion
Alsop, Herbert FabianCaptAustralian Army Medical Corps
Alsop, John10115th Australian Infantry Battalion
Alsop, Joseph236857th Australian Infantry Battalion
Alsop, Richard Francis CumberledgeV747581st Depot Battalion
Alsop, Spence Joseph1AIF Pay Office
Alsop, Sydney47284th Australian Division Salvage Company
Alsop, WalterRAN

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