Those Who Served

SECOND WORLD WAR [1939 - 1945]

Allsop/p's who served in the Australian Armed Services during WWI and WWII

Allsop, Albert JohnWX322812/4 Australian Pioneer BattalionTrooper
Allsop, Albert ManleyQ2026323 Battalion Volunteer Defence CorpsPrivate
Allsop, Allan LeonardWX31851 (W34723)4 Austt Field SurveyCaptain
Allsop, Arthur JamesQ30370115 Garrison BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Charles Herbert
Allsop, Clarence AlfredNX44358 Division Provost CompanyCORPORALY
Allsop, David GeorgeVX882434 Australian Motor RegimentLieutenant
Allsop, Dorothy1024155 O T UNITAircraftwoman
Allsop, Dudley CottamN3884742 Garrison BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Edward Victor29066Aircraft Depot Forest HillLeading Aircraftman
Allsop, Edward William JamesV3697914 BattalionPrivate
Allsop, Edward William JohnV3697914 BattalionA Class Reserve
Allsop, Eric EdwardNX151930 (N19773)1 Aust Port Const Coy RAESapper
Allsop, Eric VernonQX292282/43 Aust TPT PTDriver
Allsop, Frances RaymondN442621113 Australina General HospitalPrivate
Allsop, Frances RaymondWR/527HMAS KuttabalAssistant Writer
Allsop, Francis George HenryV350683 Div SignalsSignalman
Allsop, Frederick Cyril43938623 Squadron LeyburnLeading Aircraftman
Allsop, Frederick Samuel Arthur13183HMS CerebusCook
Allsop, Frederick Samuel ArthurVX43317Artillery Training RegimentGunner
Allsop, Fredrick Arthur1563451 Aircraft DepotLeading Aircraftman
Allsop, George WilliamVX210342/9 Aust Army FD Coy RAECaptain
Allsop, George WilliamVE2926622nd Field Coy RAE (M)Corporal
Allsop, HaroldQ10679310 Battalion Volunteer Defence CorpsPrivate
Allsop, Harold JohnNX597General Details DepotPrivate
Allsop, Henry JamesWX35189125 General Transport CompanyDriver
Allsop, Ivan WilliamN255503Headquarters 1 Australian ArmyLance Corporal
Allsop, James Mason4303509 Aircrew Holding UnitFlying Officer
Allsop, John David AllanNX105870 (N235831)11 Heavy Wireless SectionSignalman
Allsop, John EdwardNX14348910 Aust Workshop & Park Coy RAESapper
Allsop, John TheodoreQ1514997 Sec Officers Shop AAOCPrivate
Allsop, John William3945210 Squadron RAFFlight LieutenantY
Allsop, John Woodington50699Sergeant
Allsop, Kenneth CharlesNGX464 (NG4001)New Guinea Volunteer RiflesPrivateYY
Allsop, Kenneth JohnNX118112160 Australian General Transport CorpPrivate
Allsop, Lance PhillipNX217832/17th Australian Infantry BattalionPrivateY
Allsop, Marjorie FrancesQX44627PhysioLieutenant
Allsop, Maurice CharlesVX345762/2 Aust HY A/A RegimentSergeant
Allsop, Norman JohnN9909511 Garrison BattalionCorporal
Allsop, Patricia Veronica1089523 Embarkation DepotAircraftwoman
Allsop, Paul Darley18534989th BattalionCorporal
Allsop, Percy RoyN29122816th Battalion VCD-PTD
Allsop, Peter Dudley1620027 Operational Training UnitLeading Aircraftman
Allsop, ReginaldNX54022/3 BattalionCorporal
Allsop, ReginaldWX14181Australian Army Provost Corps
Allsop, Reginald CharlesNX20750066 Australian Infantry BattalionLance Corporal
Allsop, Reginald PercyWX39468H Q 3 Aust CorpsLance Corporal
Allsop, Richard RolandNX713502/2 Australian Infantry BattalionLance Sergeant
Allsop, Richard Wyke4024551 Coastal Operational Training RAFSergeantY
Allsop, Robert FredrickVX12630011 Aust HY A A BTYGunner
Allsop, Ronald GeorgeV503845Gen Det Depot 3 MDLance Sergeant
Allsop, Ronald William4180448 Operational Training UnitFlying Officer
Allsop, Rowland JohnNX217822/17 Australian Infantry BattalionLance Corporal
Allsop, Roy JohnN34724819 Battalion Volunteer Defence CorpPrivate
Allsop, Violet IrisVF397029Australian Womens Army ServiceCorporal
Allsop, Wallace Glen126265Station HQ LavertonCorporal
Allsop, Walter JamesNX8154228 Fld Coy RAESapper
Allsop, Wilfred Joseph AllanN237411VDC 7 BattalionLieutenant
Allsop, William Colin David750553 Aircraft DepotCorporal
Allsop, William John19608HMAS ParramattaYeoman of SignalsDistinguished Service Medal
Allsop, William LintottVX139418101 Australian Motor RegimentCorporal
Allsop, William Maurice178419 Elementary Flying Training School CunderdinLeading Aircraftman
Allsopp, Alan ClarenceNX538272/3 Australian Pioneer BattalionnPrivate
Allsopp, Alan Frederick34636No. 1 SquadronLeading AircraftmanYY
Allsopp, Allan JamesN438294
Allsopp, Arthur HenryNX86769
Allsopp, Bede Neville402783
Allsopp, Betty104526
Allsopp, Bruce Frederick Elwyn165020
Allsopp, Clyde Lindie21947
Allsopp, DarrellVX27777
Allsopp, DarrellVX145772
Allsopp, Denis William131053
Allsopp, DonaldNX102419
Allsopp, Douglas BruceVX46469
Allsopp, Douglas Harry138922
Allsopp, FrancisNX122274
Allsopp, FrankVX73280
Allsopp, FrederickN4358436th Australian Infantry Battalion
Allsopp, Frederick StanleyNX39758
Allsopp, Frederick Thomas6897
Allsopp, Geoffrey Rowland133697
Allsopp, Geoffrey William43476
Allsopp, GeorgeN386473
Allsopp, George HenryQ61716
Allsopp, Gordon166932
Allsopp, Gwenda Wilmot101170
Allsopp, Harold SydneyW18354
Allsopp, HarryNX276222/12 Field Company
Allsopp, Jack Edward262416
Allsopp, Jack HenryNX156234
Allsopp, Jack MaldenNX102140
Allsopp, James AllanN471821
Allsopp, JohnN244684
Allsopp, John AlbertQX14495
Allsopp, John Eric263652
Allsopp, John Frederick WilliamNX148365
Allsopp, Keith HindlipQ121045
Allsopp, Leslie JohnN103644
Allsopp, Marshall PlimsollRAN
Allsopp, MervynNX114348
Allsopp, Percy83246
Allsopp, Prince Edward139400
Allsopp, Raymond JesseNX1040232/5 Cavalry Commando SquadronMention in despatches
Allsopp, Reginald James430743
Allsopp, Reginald JamesN258001
Allsopp, Roy GilmoreNX71185
Allsopp, Shirley JoyNF456308
Allsopp, Stanley JamesN162731
Allsopp, WilliamV353852
Allsopp, WilliamV80093
Allsopp, William Arthur411063No. 35 Squadron (RAF)
Allsopp, William Frederick408558No. 460 Squadron
Allsopp, William George150496
Allsopp, William HenryWX15567
Allsopp, William Mervyn Shipway60535
Allsopp, William RaymondNX1612
Allsopp, William RaymondNX178590
Alsop, Alan Anderson13801
Alsop, Alan DaleSX22441
Alsop, Alan HenryV71679
Alsop, Albert ArthurS47269
Alsop, Albert ErnestV53027
Alsop, Albert KennethS7772/3rd Pioneer BattalionMention in despatches
Alsop, BryanVX130793
Alsop, Carl PattersonNX56864
Alsop, Charles WestwoodV47325
Alsop, David BirdwoodV27533
Alsop, David GeorgeVX39432
Alsop, David GeorgeV9704
Alsop, Ernest AlbertV9303
Alsop, Ernest AnthonyV58611
Alsop, Frederick JamesV404766
Alsop, George SamuelV383407
Alsop, George Thomas61489
Alsop, George WilliamV47326
Alsop, Harold JohnSX18598
Alsop, Harvey JohnQX4076
Alsop, Iris Ada JoyceVF512946
Alsop, James HowardSX500101
Alsop, John FrederickN130057
Alsop, John FrederickV383008
Alsop, John Richard52968
Alsop, Keith Grant431429
Alsop, Laurence StewartVX122943
Alsop, Lawrence HenryNX501255
Alsop, Lawrence RoyN462823
Alsop, Lorna Ruby105196
Alsop, MaryNF455472
Alsop, Max DouglasSX19463
Alsop, May AzubahQF269532
Alsop, Nigel DennisVX93498
Alsop, Nigel DennisVX44558
Alsop, Osmond HowardHMS NasturtiumDistinguished Service Cross
Alsop, Patrick Bernard202681
Alsop, Pauline Gertrude174344
Alsop, Percival EdwardS65906
Alsop, Reginald John FredrickV166821
Alsop, Richard Francis CumberledgeVX104172
Alsop, Robert ErnestVX85488
Alsop, Shirley Patricia174302
Alsop, Sydney SamuelS687
Alsop, Thomas RichardV167192
Alsop, Wilfred AllanV383408
Alsop, WilliamVX130238
Alsop, WilliamV375768
Alsop, William Donald ClaudeSX33860
Alsop, William FrederickVX5401
Alsop, William JosephQX52480
Alsop, William Thomas Raymond140256
Alsope, Francis Charles Arthur319074
Alsope, John William162122
Alsope, John William162122
Alsope, Lionel319580
Blume, Alfred George AlsopVE/447216
Chessell, Kenneth Alsop73196
Gilder, Robert Alsop418659

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