Common Name Abbreviations

A searchable lists of names and their common abbreviations often found in genealogy records.
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Found: 214 Result(s)

229 Abigail Abig
230 Abraham Abr
231 Adelard Ad
232 Adrien, Adrienne Adr
233 Agnes Agn
234 Albert Albt
235 Albert, Albina Alb
236 Alexander, Alexandre, Alexandrine Alex
237 Alfred Alf
238 Alfred Alfd
239 Alphonse Alph
240 Ambrose Amb
241 Andrew Andw
242 Andrew, André And
243 Angeline Ang
244 Anthony Anth
245 Antoine, Antoinette Ant
246 Archibald Arch
247 Archibald Archd
248 Arthur Art
249 Arthur Arth
250 August, Auguste, Augustin, Augustine Aug
251 Barbara Barb
252 Barbara Babs
253 Bartholomew Bart
254 Beatrice Bea
255 Benjamin Ben
256 Benjamin Benj
257 Bernard, Bernadette Bern
258 Bridget, Bridgette Brid
259 Bridget, Bridgette Biddy
260 Catherine Cath
261 Charles Chas
262 Charlotte Charlt
263 Christian Xtian
264 Christian (in Latin) Xtianus
265 Christopher Chris
266 Christopher Xpher
267 Christopher (in Latin) Xpr
268 Christopher (in Latin) Xtopherus


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