Australians Who Served in WWI

A list of all Allsop/ps who served in the Australian Armed Forces during WWI (1914-1918).
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Service #

1 Allsop, Albert Edward 2769 HMS Australia AB
2 Allsop, Albert Knighton 25451 102nd Australian (howitzer) Battery Driver
3 Allsop, Alfred Ernest V53791
4 Allsop, Alphonsus Charles 67816 27th G.S. Reinforcements (n) Sergeant
5 Allsop, Arthur James 5781 19th Australian Infantry Battalion Private
6 Allsop, Charles Edward Depot Aust Army Service Corp Reinforcements Private
7 Allsop, Charles Henry 2814 2nd Australian Pioneer Battalion Private
8 Allsop, Ernest Allen 2329 18th Australian Infantry Battalion Private
9 Allsop, Frederick William 371 53rd Australian Infantry Battalion Private
10 Allsop, George Samuel 482 16th Battalion Flying Corp
11 Allsop, Ivan William 354 33rd Australian Infantry Battalion Private
12 Allsop, James Mason Aust Army Pay Corps Sergeant
13 Allsop, John 46665 34 Battalion Rutherford Private
14 Allsop, John 1482 Australian Naval And Military Expeditionary Force Private
15 Allsop, John William 5330 17/6th Infantry Battalion Private
16 Allsop, Leslie Thomas Capt 10th Australian Field Ambulance Captain
17 Allsop, Norman John 353 33rd Australian Infantry Battalion Private
18 Allsop, Reganold Percy 3015 12th Australian Field Artillery Brigade Private
19 Allsop, Robert Q23531
20 Allsop, Robert Frederick 2814 46th Battalion Private
21 Allsop, Samuel 505 8th Field Company, Australian Engineers Lance Corporal
22 Allsop, Thomas Ernest 508 11th Australian Infantry Battalion Corporal
23 Allsop, Victor 10578 3rd Australian Division Signals Company Lance Corporal
24 Allsop, Vincent James 360 35th Australian Infantry Battalion Lance Corporal
25 Allsop, Walter James C Company Depot Battalion Private
26 Allsop, Wilfred Joseph Allen 6777 Aust Corps Signal Coy Sapper
27 Allsop, William Gillian 3rd Australian Divisional Artillery Lieutenant Colonel
28 Allsop, William Henry 6384 2nd Depot Battalion Private
29 Allsopp, Alfred 7682 34th Australian Infantry Battalion Private
30 Allsopp, Arthur 2569 12th Australian Infantry Battalion
31 Allsopp, Arthur Henry 2284 44th Australian Infantry Battalion
32 Allsopp, Bertie Wallace [wallace Bertie] 11144 2nd Australian Field Artillery Brigade
33 Allsopp, Cyrus Clarence 2029 34th Australian Infantry Battalion
34 Allsopp, Edward 5550 27th Australian Infantry Battalion
35 Allsopp, Eric 3621 18th Australian Infantry Battalion
36 Allsopp, Eric Arthur 3621 18th Australian Infantry Battalion
37 Allsopp, Frederick Norman RAN
38 Allsopp, Frederick Thomas RAN
39 Allsopp, Harry 764 22nd Australian Infantry Battalion
40 Allsopp, James RAN


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