This site is designed as a resource to assist researchers of all variants of the Allsopp surname, their family origins and international connections both past and present. At present information on more than 10,000 people is included in the database and with your assistance I hope to make this site the primary reference for researching the Allsop/p surname.

Although the initial focus of this site was on Allsopp lines in Australia a vast amount of information has now been included encompassing many English lines as well. Subsequently, with taking on the Allsopp one-name study through the Guild of One Name Studies the site now is globally focused.

Where known, vital details for deceased persons have been included to assist researchers manage the complexities and vagaries associated with researching the Allsopp surname, whilst only the name is listed for those still living.

Access to the Members Area is available to all all who register with the site. Registration is free and available to all, subject to approval. The members area of the site features a Research Archive which as at May 2024 containing over 71,000 entries and a linage linked tree containing over 10,900 individuals and 3,900 family groups.

Should any incorrect information be found on this site or if you would like to make the information more complete please reach out to me through the contact page.

If you would like to have a page dedicated to one of your Allsop/p ancestors or an interesting article, please contact me.