The Immigrants

Those who arrived on Assisted Passage to Australia

SourceShipNameNative PlaceComments
Pre 1843 Bounty IndexNo Entries
1844 – 59 IndexArrived Sydney per ‘Castilian’, 13 June 1858Allsop, ElizabethWirksworth, DerbyshireWidow; age 62
Parents James and Ann (Wragg), deceased, C of E. 
Allsop, MaryDressmaker; age 40
Parents John (deceased) and Elizabeth Allsop, C of E.
Allsop, JohnWirksworth, DerbyshireLabourer; age 29
Parents John (deceased) and Elizabeth Allsop, C of E.
Accompanied by his wife Sarah (nee Swift), and their children, Mary Jane (3) and John (1)
1860 -79 IndexArrived in Sydney per ‘Samuel Plimsoll’, 19 Aug 1876Allsopp, James EHertfordshireMiller; age 27; C of E
Mother: Helen
Allsopp, PriscillaHertfordshireAge 24
Wife of James E; Father: Henry Potter
Allsopp, ThomasHertfordshireMiller; age 32; C of E
Mother: Helen
Allsop, Mary AAge 29
Wife of Thomas
Allsopp,ElizabethAge 8
Daughter of Thomas
Allsopp,FrederickHertfordshireGrocer; age 17; Wesleyan
Father: Alexander
Arrived in Sydney per ‘Pericles’ 1878Allsopp,ElizabethBedfordDressmaker; age 22; C of E.
Mother on board, Brother already in Australia
Allsopp, HannahNottinghamshireHousekeeper; age 51; C of E.
Parents both deceased
Son Thomas living at Burrowa, NSW
Allsopp, WilliamHertfordshireGrocer; age 16; Wesleyan
Arrived in Sydney per ‘Blair Athol’ 4 Mar 1879Allsopp, HenryBedfordAge 25
Mother: Hannah already in Sydney
Allsopp, Mary ABedfordAge 26
Wife of Henry; Parents Thomas and Harriett Guy(?)
Ada MBedfordAge 4
Daughter of Henry and Mary A. Allsopp
BerthaOxfordAge 2; Born in Oxford
Daughter of Henry and Mary A. Allsopp
HenryOxfordInfant; Born in Oxford
Son of Henry and Mary A. Allsopp
1880 – 1896 IndexArrived in Sydney per ‘Hereford’ 22 Apr 1882 from PlymouthAlsop, WilliamMiddlesexFitter; age 31
Port Phillip(VIC) Immigrants IndexNo arrivals
Moreton Bay (QLD) Immigrants IndexNo arrivals