Allsopp’s in Australia

There are a number of Allsop(p) lineage’s in Australia today, many of which can be traced back to the convict period of the early 1800’s as indicated by the following examples extracted from records available in NSW;

  • The first recorded birth of an Allsop(p) in NSW being that of Francis Alsop in 1825.
  • A William Alsop, convict, arrived from England in 1790 aboard the Surprise(1).
  • 1960 publication,’Orange 1860-1960′ published by the Orange City Council makes mention of a report by Judge Wylde stating that a person named Henry Allsopp was wounded by aborigines on November 1823 whilst tending cattle on G.T.Palmers station. He died later that year.
  • In 1825 Certificates of Freedom were granted to John and Henry Allsop both of whom arrived in NSW aboard the Shipley (2) in 1818.
  • (John) Thomas Allsopp arrived in NSW ex Nottingham as a convict aboard the Lloyd in 1833.

From these early beginnings the surname has spread across the Australian continent, however research indicates that the largest population of Allsop(p)’s are still found in NSW. To provide some indication of the extent of the name in Australia, between the years 1788 and 1945 approximately 800 individuals with the Allsopp (or variant) surname were officially recorded at the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
It is essential to remember that all variants of the Allsop(p) surname exist in Australia. In many instances variations will be found within the same family line as pre 1900 a large proportion of the Australian population could not read or write and names were recorded as the registrar, or person officiating, heard or interpreted them. Therefore,it is essential that all variants be included in any research undertaken.

Known variations of the surname as used in Australia include:


Persons researching the Allsopp surname or any of its variants are most welcome to participate in developing this site as the resource centre for researchers of the Allsopp surname. Any information that you may have which would assist in completing any lines would be much appreciated.

Love token of Thomas Allsop (1812-1891) sentenced to life in Tasmania 23 July 1833 for stealing a sheep