The Convicts

Persons tried in England and convicted to transportation to New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land between 1788 and 1868.

NameNative PlaceSentencedShipComments
Allsop,ElizabethDerbyshireSentenced Derby Borough Quarter Sessions 26 Oct 1839Arrived in Sydney per ‘Surrey’ 14 June 1840, age 18Childs maid; Protestant; single
Later married to John MarsIand, Elizabeth lived for many years at Scone NSW. Her mother Elizabeth Allsop, her sister. Mary Allsop and her brother John Allsop are listed as Nos. 1,.2 and 3 on the Immigrants List
Allsop, FrancisLiverpoolSentenced at London Gaol
Delivery 16 Dec 1815
Arrived in Sydney per ‘Elizabeth’ 1816, age 21Sailor
1828 Census: living at Field of Mars, NSW, with wife Ann and children John (5), Francis (3) and James (1)
Allsop, HenryNottinghamSentenced Nottingham Quarter Sessions 13 Mar 1818Arrived in Sydney, per Shipley’ 18 Nov 1818, age 27Whipcord and rope maker;
Died 1823
Allsop, JohnNottinghamSentenced Nottingham Quarter Sessions 13 Mar 1818Arrived in Sydney, per Shipley’ 18 Nov 1818, age 25Whipcord and rope maker
1828 Census: working for James Blackman at Bathurst NSW
Allsop, JohnSentenced Northampton Assizes, 2 Mar 1822Arrived in Sydney per ‘Mangles’, Nov 1822
Allsop, JohnNottinghamSentenced Nottingham Town Quarter Sessions 5 Jan 1837Arrived in Sydney per ‘James Pattison’, 25 Oct 1837, age 21Blacking manufacturer; Protestant; Single
Allsop, JosephSentenced at Gloucester City Assizes 29 Mar 1820Arrived in Sydney per ‘Elizabeth’, 30 Dec 1820, age 33Gardener
Allsop, Samuel
Left England 25 June 1822 per ‘Richmond’
Ref. COD419, p.218
Allsop,RowlandDerbyshireSentenced at Derby Quarter Sessions 2 Jan 1838Arrived in Sydney per ‘Lord Lyndock’, 4 Aug 1838, aged 24Labourer; Protestant; Married with two children
Allsop, ThomasDerbyshireSentenced Nottingham Quarter Sessions 10 Apr 1833Arrived in Sydney per ‘Lloyd’s’, 18 Dec 1833, age 18Slaters boy; Single
Assigned to John Henderson, Cooks River
Allsop, ThomasStaffordshireSentenced Stafford Assizes 23 Jul 1833 Arrived in Hobart per ‘Moffat’, 9 May 1834, age 22Brick layer
Allsop, William
Sentenced at Old Bailey, London, 12 Dec 1787
Arrived in Sydney, June 1790 per ‘Surprise’, age 241828 Census: Living at North Richmond NSW with wife Mary and children Frederick (20), William (18) and Elizabeth (12)