Australians Who Served in WWII

A list of all Allsop/ps who served in the Australian Armed Forces during World War 2 (1939-1945).
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Service #

1 Allsop, Albert John WX32281 2/4 Australian Pioneer Battalion Trooper
2 Allsop, Albert Manley Q202632 3 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps Private
3 Allsop, Allan Leonard WX31851 (W34723) 4 Austt Field Survey Captain
4 Allsop, Arthur James Q303701 15 Garrison Battalion Private
5 Allsop, Charles Herbert
6 Allsop, Clarence Alfred NX4435 8 Division Provost Company CORPORAL
7 Allsop, David George VX88243 4 Australian Motor Regiment Lieutenant
8 Allsop, Dorothy 102415 5 O T UNIT Aircraftwoman
9 Allsop, Dudley Cottam N388474 2 Garrison Battalion Private
10 Allsop, Edward Victor 29066 Aircraft Depot Forest Hill Leading Aircraftman
11 Allsop, Edward William James V36979 14 Battalion Private
12 Allsop, Edward William John V36979 14 Battalion A Class Reserve
13 Allsop, Eric Edward NX151930 (N19773) 1 Aust Port Const Coy RAE Sapper
14 Allsop, Eric Vernon QX29228 2/43 Aust TPT PT Driver
15 Allsop, Frances Raymond N442621 113 Australina General Hospital Private
16 Allsop, Frances Raymond WR/527 HMAS Kuttabal Assistant Writer
17 Allsop, Francis George Henry V35068 3 Div Signals Signalman
18 Allsop, Frederick Cyril 439386 23 Squadron Leyburn Leading Aircraftman
19 Allsop, Frederick Samuel Arthur 13183 HMS Cerebus Cook
20 Allsop, Frederick Samuel Arthur VX43317 Artillery Training Regiment Gunner
21 Allsop, Fredrick Arthur 156345 1 Aircraft Depot Leading Aircraftman
22 Allsop, George William VX21034 2/9 Aust Army FD Coy RAE Captain
23 Allsop, George William VE292662 2nd Field Coy RAE (M) Corporal
24 Allsop, Harold Q106793 10 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps Private
25 Allsop, Harold John NX597 General Details Depot Private
26 Allsop, Henry James WX35189 125 General Transport Company Driver
27 Allsop, Ivan William N255503 Headquarters 1 Australian Army Lance Corporal
28 Allsop, James Mason 430350 9 Aircrew Holding Unit Flying Officer
29 Allsop, John David Allan NX105870 (N235831) 11 Heavy Wireless Section Signalman
30 Allsop, John Edward NX143489 10 Aust Workshop & Park Coy RAE Sapper
31 Allsop, John Theodore Q151499 7 Sec Officers Shop AAOC Private
32 Allsop, John William 39452 10 Squadron RAF Flight Lieutenant
33 Allsop, John Woodington 50699 Sergeant
34 Allsop, Kenneth Charles NGX464 (NG4001) New Guinea Volunteer Rifles Private
35 Allsop, Kenneth John NX118112 160 Australian General Transport Corp Private
36 Allsop, Lance Phillip NX21783 2/17th Australian Infantry Battalion Private
37 Allsop, Marjorie Frances QX44627 Physio Lieutenant
38 Allsop, Maurice Charles VX34576 2/2 Aust HY A/A Regiment Sergeant
39 Allsop, Norman John N99095 11 Garrison Battalion Corporal
40 Allsop, Patricia Veronica 108952 3 Embarkation Depot Aircraftwoman


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